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Ventriloque Magic Show

Incroyablissime ! (nouveauté 2020)

Des spectacles où les enfants deviennent magiciens, l’un d’eux mettra en lévitation une petite fille.

Des grandes illusions qui impressionneront vos enfants, que ce soit avec de vraies colombes ou un serpent animé…de bonnes intentions.

Le tout entrecoupé de marionnettes de ventriloquie.

Des spectacles conçus pour les enfants, mais qui plairont également à leurs parents.

Des spectacles théâtralisés.


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Critique parue au Danemark :

8 April 2013

Now LA COMEDIE SAINT MICHEL proudly presents an excellent show featuring magic and ventriloquism, performed by CLAUDE MONLOUIS, a fine and talented artist who gets the children’s attention and interest by showing them a program geared to the small fry – and he gets the adults’ attention as well – the program is funny and interesting.
A big bag appears in between the two curtain halves – and CLAUDE himself follows … there were lots of suspension and laughter: doves appeared and disappeared, goldfish popped up in a big glass bowl, a little girl from the audience was made to float in mid-air in between two chairs …
The program is a great example of variety: CLAUDE interspiced the magic with his funny dialogues together with his dummies and dolls, hilarious talk and a perfect technique, the latter is not seen too often .
CLAUDE gets immediately the audience’s sympathy as he has a humorous attitude and is very professional, the program is very pleasant and appreciated – thus a very successful show.
CLAUDE is a very talented artist, well worth his success – the public would gladly have seen more!!